Designing, 3D modeling


Extensive experience in the design of metal structures of any complexity and purpose

  • eady for non-standard constructions. We use software of the finite element analysis for these purposes. Composite elements? No problem!
  • All calculations checked by at least two independent specialists
  • Optimal technical solutions, which mean the minimum metal consumption and as a consequence the cost of your projects
  • Deep knowledge of Euro codes

3D design:

D design of buildings of any complexity

  • Analysis of volumes for various technical solutions and preparation of materials for comparison
  • Preparation of materials consumption statements
  • BIM coordination with other participants of the project, identification of possible intersections
  • Preparation of tender documentation

Workshop drawings:

Drawings of parts and assemblies

  • Erection drawings, anchors and embedded parts location layouts
  • Erection plans
  • Various statements and specifications (form and content of statements can be adjusted according to customer requirements)
  • Designation of welds in assembly drawings, indication marks of WPS (if necessary)

Support & installation

  • Preparation of statements for organization of works and production planning, which will save time for your technologists and managers
  • Visualization of installation works sequence
  • Files for CNC machines (DXF, DSTV files etc.) for sheet and rolled profiles cutting
  • Issue of schemes and statements of loading and transportation of structures
  • Welding procedure specification (WPS) maps for welded seams
  • Modeling of welded seams with the subsequent formation of a database, which allows to make welding work rate setting